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Episode 18: How to be a Writer with Jeff Goins

Jeff Goins, is the very talented best selling author of five fantastic books including his latest two, and our all-time favorites, The Art of Work and Real Artist Don’t Starve. In addition to being an exceptional writer and storyteller, Jeff is also a public speaker, a regular blogger on his website, runs his own…

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Episode 17: Grab the Bull by the Horns – Coffee Break 5

Do the Work Devani and I love coffee and chai, and thoroughly enjoy inspiring conversations on all sorts of topics. So our goal is to bring you one “inbetweenisode” as coined (we think) by Timothy Ferriss of the Tim Ferriss Show and Four Hour Work Week fame. In these episodes we discuss favorite quotes and…

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Episode 16: Freelance Videographer Storyteller – Bryan Wright

Bryan Wright is a captivating storyteller with lifelong experience as a production, staging, audio engineer, recording artist, and prolific creator, serving clients of all sizes, including behemoths like eBay and PayPal. His work has been published by media giants like Forbes, Business Insider, and TechCrunch. We had so much fun chatting with the incredibly creative Bryan Wright…

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Artists, writers, composers, bloggers, singers... CREATORS... all want to know: "Can I make a living from my art?"The iCreateDaily Podcast features creatives sharing their story and tips to help you learn to support yourself while doing the work you love.The stories, gold nuggets, and quick inspirational conversations are to help get you going and motivated to work on your own projects.iCreateDaily is a movement for creators serious about their art. If you're here, that's probably you!