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Episode 38: Positive Motivation – Create it or Find it? – Coffee Break

Welcome to another #CoffeeBreak episode in which we discuss interesting ideas, quotes, and/or people who inspire us! In this episode, we discuss positive motivation and specifically whether we find it externally or create it internally. It’s like the Chicken and Egg topic, though we might have found a definitive answer–THE proverbial Truth. With a capital T. But…

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Episode 35: Creative Agency Mastermind with Michelle Khouri

In this episode, we catch up with Michelle Khouri, and get deep into the kind of content, stories, strategies and conversations that happen—and need to happen—in branding and storytelling.

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Episode 34: Best Domain Hosting Company – Gratitude Break

Gratitude, changes everything. Being grateful is more of an active lifestyle as opposed to just another “habit to build.”  Without it, it can be easy to get swamped into negative whirlpools of life. Easy to get frustrated over life’s little inconveniences. We wrote about this recently in an article on reframing and simple steps to shift to…

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