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Episode 44: How Bloggers Make Money with Amber Bracegirdle

Are you interested in blogging and eventually monetizing your online content? If so, you’ll want to tune in to today’s iCreateDaily Podcast episode with our featured guest, Amber Bracegirdle!

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Episode 43: Excellence Expected and Achieved with Mark Asquith

Our guest today is Mark Asquith, a serial entrepreneur, who started several successful businesses which have led to his primary focus today: That of helping other entrepreneurs and podcasters start, sustain and grow their business.

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Episode 42: Creative Freedom from Home – Coffee Break

Where Do You Feel Most Inspired? Many creators, especially entrepreneurial ones, have the urge to leave the workplace so they have the creative freedom to do work they love.  ‘The Entrepreneurial Dream” is about creating a place, space, and work that matters in the environment that inspires you the most. One of the first things many…

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Episode 41: The Author’s Creative Process with Coleman Alderson

Super special episode today! 🙂 All of them are special… But for this one, we have our own in-house talent! 😄 Coleman Alderson, Devani’s dad & LeAura’s husband, joined us to talk about his journey in becoming a writer and published author.  Coleman, is the author of the dystopic series Mountain Whispers, and he recently…

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Episode 40: Where to Find Joy – Gratitude Break

Welcome to #GratitudeBreak! Much like our shorter Coffee Break episodes, but geared toward express gratitude and appreciation for people, places, organizations and experiences that have inspired us. Today we wanted to give a Shoutout to one of our 90 Day Mastermind member, artist, Lynne Hundley, and we also discuss: How Lynne, post-retirement, has set upon a new…

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Episode 39: Tech Geek Artist – Kieran McKeefery

First off… apologies to Kieran! Several times I asked him to increase his volume, but in the end, his sound was better than ours! Turns out it was our speaker output volume that was the issue and NOT his mic! #LifeLesson #MaybeItsMe! #LessonLearned! 🤓 The other thing you’ll hear in the background on our end…

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Episode 38: Art Inspiration – Coffee Break

This episode ties in well with the previous Coffee Break episode we released about creating motivation. Art is such a personal growth experience for each creator. You’re expressing your emotions, thoughts, ideas, and in sharing that with the world it takes on a new light to each person who is touched by it.

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Episode 37: Tips for Selling on Etsy – Author-influencer, Amanda Mabry

Amanda Mabry is the co-founder and Executive Marketing Manager for Our Write Side publishing, a writer and author, Patreon artist, a brand ambassador and online influencer, AND a crafter selling on Etsy.

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Episode 36: Positive Motivation – Create it or Find it? – Coffee Break

Welcome to another #CoffeeBreak episode in which we discuss interesting ideas, quotes, and/or people who inspire us! In this episode, we discuss positive motivation and specifically whether we find it externally or create it internally. It’s like the Chicken and Egg topic, though we might have found a definitive answer–THE proverbial Truth. With a capital T. But…

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