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Episode 68: Self Discovery a Personal Odyssey ~ Audio Article

Your body signals your attention in various ways, such as pain, hunger, hot, cold, tired, etc. How does your soul get your attention? If you’re off track from more of what you’re really here to do… from working in your zone of genius, how will you know? The more you notice and address those inner…

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Episode 67: Finding Yourself and Your Purpose ~ Audio Article

How do you go about finding yourself and your purpose? Turns out if your asking yourself questions like that, you’re on the right track.  Feeling lost, aimless, or lacking in purpose is your soul or intuition tugging you to ask and seek. “When you don’t know your purpose, make the journey your purpose.” ~LeAura Alderson…

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Episode 66: SEO Content Writing with Phil Singleton

SEO content writing is one of the most important ways to help your brand get found in today’s online world.  If you’re working on building a tribe around what you create, it doesn’t take too much effort to boost your content visibility but it’s the key for long-term growth. Our guest today, Phil Singleton, has…

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Episode 65: Writing Rituals ~ Audio Article

Writing rituals are the key to building your daily habits. Whether you have a non-negotiable daily word count or a location that helps you get in the zone, having a ritual helps you achieve your goals. Read the full article with sharable quotes here: Writing Rituals Setting the Stage for Success   RESOURCES: 90 Day…

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Episode 64: Reframing Your Mindset ~ Audio Article

Reframing your mindset can turn the worst day of the week into an opportunity of growth.  It can turn tasks that make you grumpy, irritated, and angry… into things you enjoy by viewing them in a different way. When you can learn to reframe how you think of negative things you regain control of your day and…

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Episode 63: Attitude of Gratitude ~ Audio Article

The attitude of gratitude is at the core of our brand. We cannot be in the abundant state of creating while also feeling down, frustrated, angry, or lacking. One simple step in becoming more grateful is simply writing down a list of at least five things you appreciate each morning.  Start your day by reminding yourself of the…

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Episode 62: Create Yourself ~ Audio Article

This is the first of our Audio Article series which will be aired 5 days a week: Tuesday’s, Thursday-Sunday. Today’s iCreateDaily Audio Article is: Creating Yourself – Your Ultimate Work of Art 

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Episode 61: Create Systems to Scale with Bryan Luoma

Learning how to create systems to scale the work we do and have a bigger impact is important.  Once you’ve developed a daily creating habit, the next level for many entrepreneurs and artists is developing systems. Systems allow us to hand off the day-to-day tasks so that we can work in the areas that best…

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Episode 60: Content Distribution Strategy and Tools – Coffee Break

Creating and sticking to a content distribution strategy can be tricky when there are so many platforms to maintain.  Whether you have a team of people to help you maintain each social media platform as well as other areas of your business, or you’re on your own, you’ll need a content distribution strategy. In this…

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