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Episode 98: The Artistry of Creative Cooking ~ Audio Article

The artistry of creative cooking is a whole world of scrumptious, soul-satisfying delight.  It’s like painting but the colors also have flavor. If you search #FoodArt on Instagram you’ll get over 5 million results of people posting stunning videos and photos of their artistic food creations.  The hashtag #InstaFood pulls up 122 million posts and counting.…

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Episode 97: Good Morning Quotes ~ Audio Article

Mornings are like nature in spring. They’re crazy busy — buzzing life, vitality, and enthusiasm. I LOVE mornings, and usually hit the floor running, eager to dive into the day. If that’s you, or if perhaps you’re not a morning person and need help getting going, we’re sharing good morning quotes and images to help…

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Episode 96: Morning Lark, Night Owl or Hummingbird? ~ Audio Article

Are You a Morning Person? Okay… so if you’re not a morning person or a morning lark, stick with me for a few, as there’s something in this for you too. Yes, there are natural night owls, and you may be one if you think you’re a night person and daylight, mornings and alarm clocks…

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Episode 95: Writing for SEO Mastermind with Sandra Haven

Writing for SEO is Important Writing for SEO is a great way to leverage your blogging efforts.  SEO got a bad rap for a while since many blackhat marketers were using spammy tactics.  Much has changed since the 2010-2014 era of SEO. Google is constantly working to improve search results because their goal is to…

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Episode 94: Short Story Submissions ~ Audio Article

If you’re looking for short story submissions, chances are you’re hoping to get your story, published, right? We have a perspective that might set you on a slightly different trajectory: Submitting your story to your own site and for your own audience. Novel idea, right?! Why Publish Free Short Stories?

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Episode 93: Book Editing Services and Tips ~ Sandra Haven

If you’re in need of book editing services and tips, today’s guest will have some answers and insights for you! Sandra Haven, is a professional editor and writer who has helped hundreds of writers achieve their dreams and complete their story projects since 1990. For over two decades, Sandra Haven has provided editorial services as…

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Episode 92: Obsessive Mental Focus ~ Audio Article

It’s funny. So often we tend to think of our goals and where we want to go as some distant and hard-to-attain summit that only a few are cut out for. We tend to think that others have the answers for us, and to believe the marketers that tell us they have the secret to…

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Episode 91: Follow Your Dreams ~ Audio Article

We’re sharing these ‘follow your dreams quotes’ because if you believe it is so, then it is so. For you. In your world. Never underestimate the power of belief supported by effort. Guard your beliefs with care. Read the whole article and list of quotes with graphics here:  30 Follow Your Dreams Quotes

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Episode 90: Brand Building ~ Audio Article

When it comes to brand building, your number one consideration is your audience… your customers. Many creatives miss this essential success ingredient: branding, because we just want to create our art and engage in our craft, and are even inclined toward disdain or at least a distaste for the business side of things. It’s time to…

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