Episode 131: Your 30 Day Plan

If setting annual goals seems overwhelming, no problem. You can start with a simple 30 day plan. The process of goal setting is basically the same, no matter whether you’re breaking down a five year plan or a monthly plan.

One of the problems creatives can experience with goals planning is that our vision is so much bigger than our present reality. Goals and gilded dreams awaken to a stark reality that feels impossibly distant from where we want to go.

Most things worthwhile are distant at first. But getting where you want to go is a simple process of daily effort.

We hope you enjoy this audio article on 30 day planning. For goals planning page sample as well as shareable quotes and memes, you may want to visit this written article here.

About the author, LeAura Alderson

Hello! I’m LeAura, a philosopher, autodidactic former homeschooling mom, self development advocate, entrepreneur, author, ideator, web publisher, and podcaster, passionate about helping others achieve their best possible life!

I love people, creating, and good conversations on creativity, growth, development and entrepreneurship. So co-hosting the iCreateDaily podcast along with my daughter, Devani, is one of my favorite things to do.

I've trained and certified in mediation, strategic intervention, marriage and family coaching as well as a fitness trainer, and participated in many courses and workshops over the years.

Today, the synergy of creating websites, articles and podcasts, brings together all my favorite things: learning, growth, creating, connecting and contributing. To share these with you is a privilege, that serves my lifelong aspiration to help others.

My personal areas of creativity are in writing, masterminding, ideation and bringing ideas to life through business and entrepreneurship.

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