Coffee Breaks

Episode 42: Creative Freedom from Home – Coffee Break

Where Do You Feel Most Inspired? Many creators, especially entrepreneurial ones, have the urge to leave the workplace so they have the creative freedom to do work they love.  ‘The Entrepreneurial Dream” is about creating a place, space, and work that matters in the environment that inspires you the most. One of the first things many…

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Episode 38: Art Inspiration – Coffee Break

This episode ties in well with the previous Coffee Break episode we released about creating motivation. Art is such a personal growth experience for each creator. You’re expressing your emotions, thoughts, ideas, and in sharing that with the world it takes on a new light to each person who is touched by it.

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Episode 36: Positive Motivation – Create it or Find it? – Coffee Break

Welcome to another #CoffeeBreak episode in which we discuss interesting ideas, quotes, and/or people who inspire us! In this episode, we discuss positive motivation and specifically whether we find it externally or create it internally. It’s like the Chicken and Egg topic, though we might have found a definitive answer–THE proverbial Truth. With a capital T. But…

Episode 15: Set Your Goals – Coffee Break 03

The 90 Day Goals Planner A true “fireside chat”, Devani and I share here how it is that we came to create the very first iCreateDaily 90 Day Goals Journal. From just an idea thanks to inspiration and suggestions from the iCreateDaily community recommendations, to completion and fruition in less than two months! Whether you…

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