Episode 60: Content Distribution Strategy and Tools – Coffee Break

Creating and sticking to a content distribution strategy can be tricky when there are so many platforms to maintain.  Whether you have a team of people to help you maintain each social media platform as well as other areas of your business, or you’re on your own, you’ll need a content distribution strategy.

In this episode we share how we’re managing our articles, podcasts, and content online and the tools we use. In addition, we cover some simple ways you can do this on your own.

“The secret to success is doing a lot of little things consistently over a long period of time.”
~James Lawrence, The Iron Cowboy

Topics Discussed

  • Social media platforms
  • How we distribute content
  • Our Pages vs our Closed Groups
  • How we choose when and where to post
  • Tools we use for scheduling
  • The importance of Pinterest for relevant traffic generation



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