Episode 25: Inspirational Speaker and Author, Alexis Parris

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Get ready to be inspired by the awesome Alexis Parris! Alexis is a highly motivated and positive millennial with strong conviction and steadfast focus on her life mission.

A beautiful young dancer-turned-author and personal development speaker, the moment Alexis attended her first ever motivational seminar as a college sophomore, she was hooked.

That experience that changed her life and caused her to ask, “Who’s going to teach personal development to young people because we don’t know what it is or how to get to it.” 

We wonder, how many 19-year-olds, have such clarifying thoughts? Now 22, Alexis is on a mission!

In this interview we also cover:

  • The personal development event and speaker that changed Alexis’s life
  • Why Alexis left college to get her best education
  • What helped Alexis to have good self-discipline at a young age
  • The 5 powerful daily habits that keeps Alexis on motivated and focused
  • The correlations between dance and entrepreneurship
  • The daily habits that generate motivation
  • How to get excited and motivated when you’re not feeling it
  • Alexis’s “why”
  • How Alexis is writing her second book due out spring of 2018
  • Alexis’s mission in life. (Something she’s very clear on even at such a young age)!

Get ready to be inspired!

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“Information that helps you transform your life is not being taught in school.”
~Alexis Parris, author, speaker

“Who’s going to teach personal development to young people because we don’t know what it is or how to get to it.”  ~Alexis Parris

“What path is going to get me to my overall mission?”  ~Alexis Parris

“I’m super driven and focused, so I can make is happen.”
~Alexis Parris

“I knew if I stayed there I wouldn’t have been able to fulfill my fullest potential.”
~Alexis Parris, author, speaker

“Formal education will make you a living. Self education will make you a fortune.”
~Jim Rohn

“You have to develop yourself, your mindset, your character, your habits. You have to do those things so you can live a fulfilled life.”  ~Alexis Parris

“Self education is what allows you to become the best version of yourself.”
~Alexis Parris

“It’s so important to have an intention behind whatever you’re doing.”
~Alexis Parris

“Personal development unlocks your ability to be successful.”  ~Alexis Parris

“Person development is an irreplaceable ingredient to success.  ~Alexis Parris, author, speaker

“Dare to ask questions.”  ~Alexis Parris

“The barrier of entry is the willingness to do the work.”  ~LeAura Alderson

“Be great. Be awesome.  Do you.”  ~Alexis Parris

If you need an inspiring and motivational personal development speaker for your event, consider Alexis.

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