Episode 37: Tips for Selling on Etsy – Author-influencer, Amanda Mabry

Amanda Mabry is a co-founder and Executive Marketing Manager for Our Write Side publishing, an author, Patreon artist, a brand ambassador and online influencer, AND a crafter selling on Etsy.

In this episode, Amanda shares her tips for selling on Etsy for starters. After that, she expands into her some of the many services offered through her publishing and marketing company as well as the resources she uses to keep organized amidst a crazy busy life.

Amanda is also a wife and mother … and between all that, she keeps her shreds of sanity with yoga, tea, and her cats!

In this interview with Amanda we discuss:

  • Her journey from being a teen mom to author, writer, maker, and seller
  • How she transitioned from parenting blogger to fiction writer
  • The creative, magical Wiccan wands and dragon eggs Amanda and her husband craft and sell
  • What made the biggest difference in Amanda’s Etsy sales increasing
  • The other things Amanda is doing to grow her Etsy store
  • Amanda’s top performing social platforms
  • Amanda’s productivity tips for how she structures her flow for maximum productivity with all her various projects
  • Her product pricing
  • OurWriteSide.com services (FREE for authors)!
  • Being a paid brand ambassador
  • All that Amanda is doing in spite of chronic fibromyalgia
  • How Amanda is positioning all her different brand endeavors under her one personal brand authoralmabry.com
  • How Amanda manages all her different companies and projects


Don’t plan an Etsy shop and plan to build it. Build an Etsy shop and then open it.
~Amanda Mabry

Do the art that you love, even if you think it’s obscure because there’s going to be somebody else out there who will love it.  ~Amanda Mabry

Being an author is being a business, and it’s better if you start out that way.
~Amanda Mabry

We’re all about helping other writers as much as we can.
~Amanda Mabry on OurWriteSide.com




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