Episode 48: Christian Singer Songwriter with Dorothy Anne

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Originally from the tropical islands of the Philippines, Dorothy Anne Dauenhauer, is a Christian singer and songwriter, inspiring listeners worldwide with her unique blend of contemporary pop and worship music.

A passionate storyteller and minister, Dorothy Anne’s lyrics paint pictures of life, love and struggle in captivating melodies with a prevailing theme of hope and devotion.

As a professional independent recording artist, Dorothy Anne makes her home in Dallas, TX where she homeschools her five children, leads worship in her church and is a mentor to other artists. She is the co-founder of the ministry DefiningMomentsTv.com with her husband Dustin Dauenhauer.

Dorothy’s philosophy is that:
Dreams can be a reality if you dare to pursue them.”

Topics Covered:

  • Dorothy Anne’s story
  • Working in quarters and seasonally with the family
  • The transition from college to a music career
  • How journal entrees turned into songs
  • Advice for new songwriters/singers
  • Dorothy’s creative process as a composer, writer, and singer
  • Journals and creative hobbies that feed her creativity
  • Tools & apps Dorothy uses for her music
  • Blending work, family, and passion projects
  • Homeschooling, fostering and helping your kids with their own creativity
  • Top 1-3 actions Dorothy Anne has done for her business
  • The wins and lessons learned from launching two crowdfunding campaigns
    • Lessons from her first campaign failed
    • Lessons from her second successful campaign
  • How video quality, realistic goals, and good copy will affect the success of your crowdfunding
  • How to break down crowdfunding campaign into attainable goals
  • Showing up daily for building an engaged community
  • Using your Friends List and relationships strategically to tap into larger audiences
  • The amount of work and money involved in producing and releasing music
  • The balance between quality and perfectionism vs getting content out consistently


“Figure out what you want to do in life. Then figure out how to get paid to do it.”
~Dorothy Anne’s College Professor

“For writers, it’s important to get what’s in you, out.”
~Dorothy Anne

“If you’re hungry you can figure out how to make it happen.”
~Dorothy Anne 

“Follow up is golden.”
~Dorothy Anne 

“Start where you’re at, with what you have, then go from there.”
~Dorothy Anne



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