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From Near Death to Building a Media Empire with Tayo Rockson

How do you become a diversity awareness consultant? Perhaps by being an ambassador’s son raised globally. That’s Tayo Rockson.

Have you ever looked back on your life and realized the moments that catalyzed a change in your trajectory? It could be a small decision, major move, but some shift the moved the needle in a different direction for you.

Our guest today, Tayo Rockson, had a huge wake-up call in the form of a near-death accident. Events like that can leave many feeling lost and crippled or serve as the fuel needed that lights your fire of purpose.

Today, Tayo is a diversity consultant teaching diversity training and awareness in the workplace; something he’s well equipped to know deeply from his unique childhood exposure and upbringing.

Topics Covered:

  • How Tayo’s near-death experience was his wake up call
  • Why your environment is so important in pursuing your passions
  • The role self-awareness plays in living a fulfilled life
  • Ways to find out what your talents are
  • Owning your personal story and learning how to communicate it
  • How Tayo’s podcast catapulted his career
  • How to use your difference to make a difference
  • The people Tayo looks up to & why they inspire him
  • Embracing a “nomadic” mindset
  • Breaking the barrier of echo chambers to grow your worldview
  • Tayo’s habits for staying creative, productive, and energetic

Meaningful Quotes:

“Have you done everything you said you were going to do in life?”

~Tayo Rockson

“Everyone comes to that crossroad in life where they have to decide the path for the rest of their life. And it’s up to you whether you take the road less traveled.”

~Tayo Rockson

“Too many people define their identity by their achievements and not by the amount of lives they’ve touched.”

~Tayo Rockson

“Learn how to recognize oppertunity. This is why self awareness is the first thing you need to work on.” ~Tayo Rockson

“Make sure you’re putting yourself in the environments where your strengths will be seen.” ~Tayo Rockson

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