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Episode 18: How to be a Writer with Jeff Goins

Jeff Goins, is the very talented best selling author of five fantastic books including his latest two, and our all-time favorites, The Art of Work and Real Artist Don’t Starve.

In addition to being an exceptional writer and storyteller, Jeff is also a public speaker, a regular blogger on his website, runs his own podcast The Portfolio Life with Jeff Goins, and is also a teacher with his own course titled Tribe Writers. Oh… and Jeff is also a husband and father of two young children!

In this interview we cover:

  • Jeff’s daily writing practice that has led to his success
  • His favorite writing tools, and one of the creative ways he’s using it
  • How he adapts his schedule around his life
  • The 3-bucket system
  • The comparison trap
  • How it’s important to get clear on what you want
  • How Jeff is working less but making more


Meaningful Quotes

“I just think that activity follows identity. And so I don’t think you fake it till you make it but you do believe it till you become it. ~Jeff Goins 

“Your art is your creative gift that you have to share with the world.”  ~Jeff Goins

“Marketing is helping worthy ideas spread.”  ~Jeff Goins

“If you want to be a writer you are a writer. You just need to write.”  ~Jeff Goins

“You are a writer when you say you’re a writer.”  ~Steven Pressfield

“When I began to call myself a writer I started taking it more seriously I started writing more regularly.  ~Jeff Goins

“First you believe then you behave as if it’s true.”  ~Jeff Goins”

“A book is a deep dive into a single idea or story.”  ~Seth Godin

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