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Serial Entrepreneur and Creator of Businesses – Thom King

Today’s guest has a pretty sweet story!

Part CEO, part personal development wonk, and part biohacker info geek, Thom King is a self-confessed serial—and 5th Generation—entrepreneur. And well… entrepreneurs are creators of business and industry!

Thom King – the Keto Guy, focuses on doing well while doing good things in the world.

In 1999, Thom’s personal passion for food and his concern over the explosion of metabolic disease led him to found Steviva Brands, now known as Icon Foods, with a mission to stem the tide of what he coined “diabesity” by providing consumers healthy alternatives to sugar.

In recent years, his passion for food and optimal health have intersected with his embracing of a ketogenic (low carb, high fat) diet. Thom’s latest project is a line of ketogenic condiments intended to help more people successfully adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Thom also wrote a book, Guy Gone Keto: How to Lose Weight, Feel Great, and Achieve Lifelong Fitness! Which we’ll link his book and sites in the show notes below.

Tune into this inspiring interview to discover more with Thom King.

  • Amazing journey through 3 major successful brands
  • Not the life of the party
  • Company focus amidst chaos and failure
  • Inspiring decider for whether Thom moves forward with a project or idea
  • How he uses fear to help him grow
  • Humble origins to founder of multiple multi-million dollar companies
  • Epic business failure and personal crisis
  • His first breakthrough job when no one would hir e him
  • Think it and ink it strategy
  • Biggest contributor to his success
  • Daily success habits
  • Sleep habits
  • Next life crisis
  • Diets don’t work
  • The only way to see lasting change
  • What inspired the creation of the Guy Gone Get brand or products like keto ketchup and keto barbecue sauce
  • Paying it forward – Thom’s philanthropic philosophy and involvement
  • Parting words of wisdom for success

I really think writing things down and getting your goals on paper… there’s something magical about. I’m a person rooted in science… but when you set your intention and map out what you want to do, that part of getting it in writing seems to be a catalyst for manifesting.

~Thom King, Serial entrepreneur, founder: Steviva Brands, iCon Foods, GuyGoneKeto



Thom King’s Websites and Companies

Thom King

Guy Gone Keto – Check out the awesome healthy condiment line here

Guy Gone Keto Book

iConFoods – Thom’s first company started in his garage

Other Mentions in Interview

Why Diets Don’t Work – Article on MyTrainerFitness Thom mentioned

Our interview with Thom for

Start. Sustain. Succeed.

The Day is the Way.


“Think it and ink it.”

~Thom King, Serial entrepreneur, founder: Steviva Brands, iCon Foods, GuyGoneKeto

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