Episode 132: Feeling Overwhelmed – Audio Article

The quickest way out of feeling overwhelmed is to start.  Overwhelm generally comes from knowing too much and not applying enough.  In fact, feeling overwhelmed could be a good thing.  It’s your indication that you know enough, and it’s time to move onto accomplishing your goal/s.

I have mild ADHD, and while I drink coffee to help my brain in the mornings, if I’ve had too much caffeine I will get jittery.  It decreases my concentration and I have to move.  Of course, moving and exercise are good for you.  But, like caffeine overload, information overload makes your mind anxious.

Our brains and bodies are constantly trying to find ways to signal what direction we need to go in.  Many of the negative emotions and effect we feel, like overwhelm, are signs.  We just have to start paying attention to them.

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Action is the remedy for a better life. The ultimate purpose of consumption is to convert input to output, be it information or food.
~LeAura Alderson, iCreateDaily.com

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