Episode 40: – Gratitude Break

Welcome to #GratitudeBreak! Much like our shorter Coffee Break episodes, but geared toward express gratitude and appreciation for people, places, organizations and experiences that have inspired us.

Today we wanted to give a Shoutout to one of our 90 Day Mastermind member, artist, Lynne Hundley, and we also discuss:

  • How Lynne, post-retirement, has set upon a new adventure and chapter in her life
  • Happiness versus joy
  • The joy found in surprising places and faces
  • How we came to adopt Devani when she was an infant
  • Life perspective
  • How to find your passion
  • Finding joy
  • Aligning with purpose
  • Mindset practices that enrich your life
  • How to convert negatives to positives
  • And… our final, brief, teary moment


Some of Lynne’s quotes:

“Today’s plan is again Heading for Joy.”
~Lynne Hundley


The moment you release what isn’t, is the moment you begin living what is.
~Lynne Hundley, (grab this meme here)

Throughout this podcast, we talk about the power of gratitude as the thing that makes all the difference.


Question of the Day: 

Where do you find Joy? And do you differentiate joy and happiness? 



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More on the story of Devani’s adoption

Tribute to Lynne Hundley: Post-retirement, Lynne is taking on new endeavors and experiences with a “beginner’s mindset” as she rediscovers more of who she is while exploring and creating more of who she wants to become in this next phase of her life. Lynne is witty, intelligent, creative, and contributes thoughtful insights, and dares to be vulnerable and do the work that matters to her, while supporting and encouraging others to do the same.


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