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Compare and Despair ~ Coffee Break

Can we all agree that comparison is the worst?

And we don’t mean ‘Do you think nachos or pizza is better?’ Nachos, of course! 😉

We mean the kind that goes: “Ugh. Why should I ever bother singing or songwriting because I’ll never sound as good as Adele? And I don’t even know how to write a song!”  

Compare and Despair

We all compare at some point in our lives, even if we know it’s to our detriment.

Often times these days, many people are trapped and stumped by the masquerade of perfection portrayed on social media.

Everything looks effortlessly amazing and everyone looks endlessly happy. And let’s not even get started on that painter who made the most epic time-lapse video of a mandala with perfectly ratioed circles!

In fact, just this morning after we filmed this, I (Devani) logged onto Facebook and what was the first thing I saw? Marie Forleo had published a new video! And the topic? Of ALL the topics she knows so much about… This video was about comparison! 

Now I love Marie Forleo, she’s one of my role models, but my first and strongest internal reaction was: “Crap. Her video is obviously going to be so much better AND it’s already got hundreds of comments AND look at her perfect film studio.”

I literally was comparing our video about comparison to her video about comparison after explaining to our tribe about how detrimental comparison can be! WOW! For those of you who love irony, how about a dish of meta-irony? 😜

So I quickly snapped out of it, closed Facebook without watching her video, and carried on with the day. But it was a good reality check to realize that even consciously being aware that comparing is bad, there are times we all fall prey to it. Over time, snapping out of the twinge of jealousy or envy we feel gets easier!

“Don’t be intimidated by the masquerade of perfection portrayed on social media.” 

~Devani Alderson, author, entrepreneur, cofounder-iCreateDaily

Topics Discussed

  • Iteration and repetition
  • Writing vs editing
  • Handling self-criticism
  • Honing your craft
  • Why comparison can hurt you
  • Personal examples of our flops and iterations
  • Social media personas
  • Learning vs despairing

“There are two types of people in the world who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in the world: Those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed.”

~Ray Goforth, Executive Director for the Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace


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About the author, Devani

Hey! I’m Devani, a multi-passionate creator who enjoys honing the craft of writing (mostly;)), photography, cooking, podcasting, learning about business, and growing brands. I co-host the iCreateDaily Podcast with LeAura Alderson (my mom), and co-own the iCreateDaily brand. I hope through the content and products we produce, you will be inspired to start, sustain, and succeed in your goals.

My non-business and artistic hobbies include: enjoying a good movie, discovering obscure but epic music, obsessing over The Beatles, and developing fictional stories in my head. My Maltese dog, Caspian, provides an insane amount of creative inspiration by just being his adorable self. #HeWokeUpLikeThat. 😉