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Conceptual Prompts ~ Audio Article

Kinds of  Creative Prompts

What are Technical Prompts?

A technical prompts is an instruction within guidelines toward developing a specific skill in the topical field.

Technical prompts are assignments for specific kinds of work or practices. Examples include creative writing prompts to help develop writing skills, or drawing prompts many of which include particular subjects, often within distinct parameters.

What are Conceptual Prompts?

Conceptual prompts are ideas or concepts conveyed through various mediums that inspire creative imagination, ideation and reflection. These are our favorite creative prompts because they invoke intuitive creativity from the inside out.

Conceptual prompts allow the creator to decide what meaning to assign and design accordingly. Conceptual prompts are more open to individual interpretation, and while these prompts are often abstract and obscure, the results can be any degree of abstract to concrete.

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About the author, Devani

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