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Daily Art with Watercolor Artist, Ingrid Sanchez

We discovered our artist guest today when perusing top sellers on Etsy. Ingrid Sanchez is a Mexican artist based in London, UK.

Of course we’re all about daily art and creating, so it immediately caught our attention that Ingrid illustrates and paints everyday using watercolors and mixed media.

We love Ingrid’s beautiful watercolor art and that she gains inspiration from nature and a daily dose of meditation.

Ingrid loves the moon, plants of every kind, good weather, yoga and tea, and sells her beautiful art on her website and Etsy store.

For a truly delightful visual treat of Ingrid’s latest collections, upcoming workshops, commissions, collaborations and inspiration, you can visit her website and Etsy store, which we’ll ink here in the show notes

Topics Discussed:

  • Ingrid’s story… from art to not art and back again
  • Skills that Ingrid developed
  • Making the jump from Ingrid’s job to her art business
  • Ingrid’s first Etsy trial and what she learned
  • Learning the craft of art in NYC
  • Starting a new Etsy shop with a new business name
  • Selling on Etsy
  • Using Instagram for promoting art
  • Ingrid’s art workshops and how much she charges
  • Daily art and discipline
  • Licensing art
  • Corporate clients

We learned so much from this visit with the lovely Ingrid Sanchez and are certain that you will too!

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Ingrid Sanchez’s website

Ingrid Sanchez’s Etsy Shop

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