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Do I Need a Website? ~ Audio Article

Your website is your gateway to the world. However, today’s world has many gateways, so in this article, we discuss various answers to a question we often hear, which is: “Do I need a website?”

The Age of Options

There are so many options for getting your work out into the world today. The Internet, aka, the World Wide Web, aka, The Information Superhighway brings the world to your fingertips and your work to the world. Not only does the Internet grant unprecedented access to global reach, but so far, most all of the social platforms are absolutely free.

The world shall be forever indebted to the inventor of the internet, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, and all who came before—and after—to lay the groundwork necessary to make it possible.

Talk about creators and entrepreneurs, Sir Tim Berners-Lee was the perfect visionary to receive or conceive of the idea of the internet. Few others would have done so for free.

Speaking of free, no matter the frustrations or opinions on Facebook and Google and of the other social platforms… it’s important to put it all into perspective.

Don’t waste time complaining about the idiosyncrasies of Facebook. Remember, it’s free.

You can read the full article here.

About the author, Devani

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