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From Medication to Meditation Music with Niraj Naik

Healing with Meditation, Music and Nature’s Pharmacy

We LOVED this interview with Niraj Naik, The Renegade Pharmacist!! Niraj is a prolific creator, meditator, holistic health practitioner, musician and composer of meditation music and so much more.

As some of you know, one of our family businesses is a media publishing company that includes a portfolio of websites in areas of interest to us. This interview with Niraj is also relevant to several of those, including our websites: and, so we mention those in the podcast and will update this once those relate articles are live.

At first we were going to do three different shorter interviews covering each of these key areas of Niraj’s work:

  1. Health and healing
  2. Meditation and music
  3. Content and product creation

However, as we got into the interview, it was clear that these three are all uber interconnected and relevant. Health and healing is facilitated by meditation and music, and both, health and meditation, serve to stimulate the creative mind.

Health and healing is facilitated by meditation and music.

Niraj is one of those rare individuals who has a brilliant mind that functions equally well in left brain and right brain concepts. This interview with him was all so good, we couldn’t separate out any part of it, so here it is in its entirety, and we hope you’ll enjoy every minute of it as much as we did!

Topics Discussed

  • The gargantuan blind spots of the medical profession
  • The biggest gaps in Niraj’s health knowledge that made him ill, even though he grew up around doctors
  • How Niraj healed himself when the medical profession could not
  • How Niraj returned to his first love with renewed purpose and focus
  • What Niraj did to change from a negative environment to a positive and supportive one
  • And more!

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About the author, LeAura Alderson

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