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Pharmacist Novelist, David Perry

David Perry is in good company. He’s not the only pharmacist novelist to have best selling novels.

Famous pharmacist novelists include Agatha Christie, mystery novelist and William Sydney Porter, pen name O. Henry, author of The Gift of the Magi.1)

If you’ve ever read any of Agatha Christie murder mysteries, you’ll recognize how she used her chemistry training to conjure up lethal potions for her plot victims.

Author David Perry, definitely makes use of his pharmaceutical training in crafting his novels. In fact, the heroes in his novels, The Cyclops Conspiracy, David’s hero is also a pharmacist.

David’s second book in the Cyclops series releases in February, 2018… six years after The Cyclops Conspiracy. So David’s story is not only about fiction writing, but about the perseverance to do the work you love, even if it take years.

We wanted to know more about how David’s story plots develop in his medical mind, during a hard day’s work.

In this interview we cover David Perry’s:

  • The novelist that inspired David to become a writer
  • Genre of fiction and how he chose it.
  • Where gets ideas and how do you think of the plot
  • How long it takes to write his novels and how he stays committed over the time.
  • Whether he starts the next book before he’s finish the current one.
  • What he does if an editor wants to take out a part that he loves.
  • If it’s hard is to cut stuff and how he does it (both emotionally and mechanically).
  • How he deals with ego stuff, such as success and profit (or lack thereof).

David Perry has been a pharmacist for nearly thirty years. His first novel The Cyclops Conspiracy, reached best-seller status shortly after its release and was nominated for a Library of Virginia Literary Award.

His second book, (which is actually the first novel he started before life took over) Second Chance, was released in November 2013, and his third novel, and second in the Cyclops series, The Cyclops Revenge, releases February, 2018. David lives in Yorktown, Virginia, where he burns the midnight oil writing murder and suspense thrillers.

I promised myself that I was going to at least write one page a day. David Perry

“Anything you’re writing has to advance the plot.” David Perry

“You have to have thick skin and plow forward and don’t ever give up.” David Perry

We hope you enjoy this lively visit with David Perry!


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