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Creative Freedom from Home – Coffee Break

Where Do You Feel Most Inspired?

Many creators, especially entrepreneurial ones, have the urge to leave the workplace so they have the creative freedom to do work they love. ‘The Entrepreneurial Dream” is about creating a place, space, and work that matters in the environment that inspires you the most.

One of the first things many people express about not liking their day job is how their work environment is uninspiring and even suffocating. They don’t connect with the cubicle (or desk) or the people around and the lack of creativity is stifling. Uninspired environments dampen the creative spirit which serve to dampen the environment further into a big loop of negativity rather than creativity.

Or, it could be that you have a great job and work environment (YAY!), but… it’s not the work you want to do. If these or any other scenario of feeling trapped in doing other than the work you long to do, you’re not alone. AND… there is something you can do about it! It’s time to push yourself to begin taking your side hustle seriously, until your side hustle can replace your job.


Environment is more powerful than your will. ~multiple authors


Willpower can only get you so far. It can be very challenging to remain a positive and creative spirit if you’re surrounded by the opposite. A freeing environment and supportive people will help you achieve both your creative success and personal happiness faster.

Topics Covered:

  • Working from home: the non-corporate attitude
  • Listening to your gut and the claustrophobia connection
  • The evolution of workplace dress code stigmas
  • Finding your own harmony between lifestyle freedom and structure
  • Perfection vs authenticity
  • Balancing the polarizing feelings about your work
  • Perspectives on immersion and stepping back
  • The glamorization of hating yourself and art

Creator Quotes

“Your phone is your scribe, recorder, and personal assistant literally in your back pocket.” 

~Devani Anjali Alderson 

“What is in your mind and heart doesn’t have to have a perfect outer form for expressing itself. The most important thing is that you do it. Get your work in the world. Don’t wait for the perfect moment.”

~LeAura Alderson 

“Embrace the roller coaster ride.” 

~ Devani Anjali Alderson 

“Daily steps in the direction of your dreams is the proven path to success.” 

~LeAura Alderson

The Question of the Day:

Is there a place where you feel most creative or alive when working? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this!

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Many creators, especially entrepreneurial ones, have the urge to leave the workplace so they have the creative freedom to do work they love.  'The Entrepreneurial Dream" is about creating a place, space, and work that matters in the environment that inspires you the most.

About the author, LeAura Alderson

Hello! I’m LeAura, a philosopher, autodidactic former homeschooling mom, self development advocate, entrepreneur, author, ideator, web publisher, and podcaster, passionate about helping others achieve their best possible life!

I love people, creating, and good conversations on creativity, growth, development and entrepreneurship. So engaging in creative conversations with interesting guests is one of my favorite things to do.

I've trained and certified in mediation, strategic intervention, marriage and family coaching as well as a fitness trainer, and participated in many courses and workshops over the years as well as ongoing learning of all kinds.

Today, the synergy of creating websites, articles and podcasts, brings together all my favorite things: learning, growth, creating, connecting and contributing. To share these with you is a privilege, that serves my lifelong aspiration to help others.

My personal areas of creativity are in writing, editing, masterminding, ideation and bringing ideas to life through business and entrepreneurship.