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Boomers and Millennials in Sync – Coffee Break

What if baby boomers and millennials are more alike than we think? It’s popular and sometimes fun to jibe each other about generational differences but beyond the surface annoyances, maybe we’re the same.

In this Coffee Break, we tackle the similarities, which is pretty fun because – LeAura is a Baby Boomer and Devani is a Millennial. So all parties are represented. 🙂

Boomers did not grow up with the same technologies that Millennials have. Yet, they absolutely had a similar mindset of rebelling authority and starting to question the status quo. The energy of progressing forward, innovating, and breaking the glass ceiling of their time is actually still very apparent in many Boomers today.

When it comes to the frustrations that boomers may have with their millennials kids/young adults, remember – just because life seems easier, they are breaking the traditions earlier, it doesn’t mean they don’t struggle. We all struggle, we all have personal life initiations and it will look different depending on the person, era, and internal fight each of us have to break free from.

Topics Covered: 

  • Crossroads in generations and age
  • Non-conformity
  • Breaking free from old thought patterns
  • How to identify your passions
  • How two generations can help each other
  • Building skill sets
  • Family and teamwork
  • Generations mentoring each other
  • Imposter syndrome, insecurities, and internal struggles


“Many boomers are looking for what their next act in life is going to be about. It’s like the horizon is wide open.”

~LeAura Alderson  

“Just because that was your version of hard, doesn’t mean my version of hard isn’t equally as character building.”

~ Devani Alderson 

“Make a list of your passions, and a list of your strengths, and see where there might be over lap. There may be a clue as to what you pursue next.”

~LeAura Alderson 

“Allow yourself to be pulled by passions, but also by skills sets you’re interested in.”

~Devani Alderson 

“Develop skills around your interest and those will begin to show you a way.”

~LeAura Alderson

“This technology is here to stay and here to continue increasing exponentially. And that is your gateway to the world.”

~LeAura Alderson


In this Coffee Break, we tackle the similarities, which is pretty fun because  - LeAura is a Baby Boomer and Devani is a Millennial. So all parties are represented. :)

About the author, LeAura Alderson

Hello! I’m LeAura, a philosopher, autodidactic former homeschooling mom, self development advocate, entrepreneur, author, ideator, web publisher, and podcaster, passionate about helping others achieve their best possible life!

I love people, creating, and good conversations on creativity, growth, development and entrepreneurship. So engaging in creative conversations with interesting guests is one of my favorite things to do.

I've trained and certified in mediation, strategic intervention, marriage and family coaching as well as a fitness trainer, and participated in many courses and workshops over the years as well as ongoing learning of all kinds.

Today, the synergy of creating websites, articles and podcasts, brings together all my favorite things: learning, growth, creating, connecting and contributing. To share these with you is a privilege, that serves my lifelong aspiration to help others.

My personal areas of creativity are in writing, editing, masterminding, ideation and bringing ideas to life through business and entrepreneurship.