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The Butterfly Effect with Tasha Wahl

We love spending time with visionaries. The thing about visionaries is that most wouldn’t claim that title themselves, and yet our guest in this episode certainly is a visionary, ideator and creator.

Tasha Wahl is an artist, philanthropist and businesswoman, and, a wife and mom of five! Tasha is the executive director of the Wahl Group consultancy firm and works with her husband, Erik Wahl, a world-renowned artist, author, and speaker. Tasha and Erik spend much of the year speaking on tour for their company, The Vision of Art.

Tasha is the founder of Butterfly Effect, ( an interactive philanthropic movement whose message echo’s Gandhi’s belief that we must each be the change we want to see in the world.

We first learned of Tasha after seeing her husband, Erik Wahl, interviewed on the Gary Vaynerchuk Show, (which episode you can see in the ‘Resources’ links below).

In perusing Erik’s information, we also discovered Tasha’s. Tasha Wahl is an artist herself, and she has morphed her creativity with her extraordinary compassion to create the non-profit organization, The Butterfly Effect – Be the Change.

I have a fledgling idea, of how I want to be the change, and hopefully set into motion molecules of hope, that will set into motion molecules of faith, that will set into motion molecules of love.

~Tasha Wahl Nov 11, 2013 upon founding of Butterfly Effect

You know you’re educated when you still have much to learn.


If I can open each day with my hands open in a seeking place, then whatever I’m supposed to learn will come.

~Tasha Wahl, Founder of Butterfly Effect non-profit, CEO of The Wahl Group

It was wonderful to catch up with Tasha, and we love that we got to share her side of the “Erik Wahl” story!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How Tasha came to create an art-based philanthropic organization
  • How Tasha’s organization took off and more than Tasha ever imagined, and became a movement
  • How that led to major corporations and organizations co-sponsoring fundraising events
  • Tasha’s role in her NPO; how it’s sustained and whether she gets paid
  • How Tasha’s husband, Erik Wahl, came to start his art business
  • The unusual nature of Erik’s business—The Vision of Art
  • How The Vision of Art got started
  • How and when Erik started doing art for a living
  • The nature of Erik’s industry, how Tasha got it going and how that’s sustained their family for the past 17 years
  • How Erik had the vision and then started his art
  • How Tasha supported him and how they work together in all that they do
  • How much they’re on the road each year and yet how they also have an annual family sabbatical to balance things out
  • How Tasha and Erik’s “next thing” is where they are and what they’re figuring out now



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