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Brain Waves – Coffee Break

Welcome back to another Coffee Break episode! These shorter’ish episodes are where LeAura and Devani talk about ideas, quotes, or anything on our minds that may serve the iCreateDaily community. So let us know what you’d like us to cover!

In this conversation, we discussed brain waves and the science around how brainwaves affect us in our work and life. We also touched on the pros and cons of groups of people having synced brain waves.

Topics Covered: 

  • The connections between so many things in the universe
  • How laser lights and light waves help us understand our brains
  • Coherent light and in-sync brain waves
  • Studies of how people’s brain waves sync with each other
  • The pros and cons of synced brain waves
  • How to induce brainwave synchronization through rhythm and movement
  • Meditation in motion

“Clean your slate of mind so that it’s receptive to more creativity and less clutter.” 

~LeAura Alderson

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About the author, LeAura Alderson

Hello! I’m LeAura, a philosopher, autodidactic former homeschooling mom, self development advocate, entrepreneur, author, ideator, web publisher, and podcaster, passionate about helping others achieve their best possible life!

I love people, creating, and good conversations on creativity, growth, development and entrepreneurship. So engaging in creative conversations with interesting guests is one of my favorite things to do.

I've trained and certified in mediation, strategic intervention, marriage and family coaching as well as a fitness trainer, and participated in many courses and workshops over the years as well as ongoing learning of all kinds.

Today, the synergy of creating websites, articles and podcasts, brings together all my favorite things: learning, growth, creating, connecting and contributing. To share these with you is a privilege, that serves my lifelong aspiration to help others.

My personal areas of creativity are in writing, editing, masterminding, ideation and bringing ideas to life through business and entrepreneurship.