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Freelance Artist Bruna Mebs

Wow! We so enjoyed our time with the multi-talented freelance artist, Bruna Mebs! We love Bruna’s style, her artist entrepreneur mindset, and her disciplined approach to her art work.

Bruna Mebs is a Brazilian artist and entrepreneur. She has spent the past few years working with creative people from all over the US and became best known for her ink drawings.

Bruna is a phenomenal illustrator serving a variety of clients including FabFitFun, Farmhouse Inns, Jord, Leota and Meredith Banzhoff.

Bruna’s artwork has been featured on many blogs including The Skinny Confidential, KERF and Friend For The Ride.

Bruna has recently illustrated and published her first coloring book The Olympic Games Coloring Book.

After spending some time in NYC and LA, Bruna resides in Pennsylvania with her husband and bulldog Achilles.

In this podcast episode we discuss:

  • How many years before Bruna became a full-time freelancer artist
  • How Bruna got her start in art
  • What kind of art Bruna studied in school
  • The realities of being a professional designer for movies
  • Bruna’s take on art education and the best way get art training
  • When did her work become ‘good enough’?
  • Bruna’s primary source of income at this stage of her freelance journey
  • The art medium Bruna prefers
  • Her preferred art medium
  • Where Bruna sells her art
  • Her favorite art pen/s and why
  • How Bruna gets most of her commission clients
  • Which social platforms produces the best results and the most paid jobs
  • How Bruna determines the prices of her art
  • The advice that nobody wants to hear but needs to
  • Bruna’s perspective on doing art shows
  • How Bruna is able to create so much art per month
  • How much art per day and per month Bruna produces
  • How many commissions she currently has booked and the types of jobs
  • Her Etsy shop, how that’s doing and how to get on first page of Etsy
  • Bruna’s wisdom about morning persons vs night owls
  • Why you shouldn’t compare your sales to others on platforms like Etsy
  • How Bruna is building her brand with home decor to help sell more art

I can’t just sit around and wait for people to find my stuff, so you have to put yourself in a go-getter mindset.

~Bruna Mebs, Freelance artist, lifestyle designer, artist entrepreneur

One of Bruna’s art pieces discussed in the interview.

freeland ink artist

Bruna Mebs Art –

We hope you enjoyed this interview with Bruna as much as we did!

Interview with Freelance Artist, Bruna Meb

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I can't just sit around and wait for people to find my stuff, so you have to put yourself in a go-getter mindset. ~Bruna Mebs, Freelance artist, lifestyle designer, artist entrepreneur  #Quotes #Inspiration #Ideas #Art #Writing #Photography #Design #Projects #Drawings #Exercises #Business #Aesthetic #Lettering #Thinking #Journal #Gifts #Decor #Illustration #Home #icreatedaily #Poster #Images #Marketing #Portfolio #poetry

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