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Holistic Counselor, Gloria Karpinski

Holistic Counselor, Gloria Karpinski on Cosmic Convos - Conversations - sponsored by #GloriaKarpinski #HolisticCounselor #SpiritualTeacher

Holistic Counselor, Gloria Karpinski on Cosmic Convos - Conversations - sponsored by #GloriaKarpinski #HolisticCounselor #SpiritualTeacherGloria Karpinski is a holistic counselor, spiritual director, teacher, healer, clairvoyant and author. Her seminars as well as her individual Life Attunements integrate universal spiritual principles with everyday life for greater holistic balance.

NOTE: If you prefer the video interview to see the lovely Gloria in person, scroll down for that option.

In her earlier life, Gloria graduated from the University of North Carolina followed by working as a journalist, prior to her ordination with the interfaith church: International Church of Ageless Wisdom.

Gloria has presented and conducted workshops and seminars internationally for such diverse groups as psychotherapists, actors and doctors, in venues ranging from large conferences to colleges, churches, hospitals and specialized groups.

Gloria is also on the National Advisory Board of the Sophia Institute in Charleston, SC and maintains a counseling practice in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

A published author of two books, with a 3rd in the works. Gloria’s first two books have been used as texts for interfaith seminaries and study groups, including the Center for Sacred Studies in California, where Gloria is on the online teaching staff.

Those fabulously titled books are:

Where Two Worlds Touch: Spiritual Rites of Passage and

Barefoot on Holy Ground: Twelve Lessons in Spiritual Craftsmanship,

Of particular interest to share because it might also help creators in our audience glean alternative opportunities for funding for their work, Gloria’s accolades include:

  • A grant from the Laurence D. Rockefeller Fund for the Advancement of the Human Spirit.
  • A grant from The Blessing Project Foundation in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, to produce her book Where Two Worlds Touch in a CD Package. This package is now available in her online store at, along with several Meditation CDs recorded by Gloria.

Quotes from this Conversation with Gloria Karpinski

The great mandate is, ‘Know thyself’.

“All my opportunities came as a result of saying yes to my heart and intuition.”
~Gloria Karpinski, holistic counselor

“Sometimes things take a long time to get where they’re going to.”
~Gloria Karpinski, holistic counselor

“Once we say ‘yes’, we’re setting up a magnet, and if we do things that are in integrity, then we draw to us what we need.”
~Gloria Karpinski, holistic counselor

“We’re always creating. So when people are creating out of fear, then that’s in the atmosphere, so it becomes imperative to find spiritual practices that work for you… that can keep you balanced and feeling whole.”
~Gloria Karpinski, holistic counselor

“We are all creators, and there’s no way not to create. As soon as you get that, then the decision becomes, ‘Do I want to be a conscious creator?’ Because if I’m alive, I’m creating. If I’m thinking, or every action I do, I’m creating.”
~Gloria Karpinski, holistic counselor

“There’s a craftsmanship to bringing theory into practice.”
~Gloria Karpinski, holistic counselor

“Everyone has intuitive abilities, it’s just the degree to which they name it or maybe they don’t name it but it is such.”
~Gloria Karpinski, holistic counselor

“Light is the highest frequency we know anything about, so to transform negativity, I offer it up to an altar of light.”
~Gloria Karpinski, holistic counselor

Gloria Karpinski, holistic counselor, spiritual teacher, clairvoyant. #GloriaKarpinski #HolisticCounselor #SpiritualTeacher #Clairvoyant

“What I would say to people most of all is to trust themselves… to find whatever thing helps them to know who they are, and then they declare their intention of starting to live that… to believe in that and to really believe in themselves.”
~Gloria Karpinski, holistic counselor

Tune into this elevating “Cosmic Conversation” with Gloria Karpinski


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