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How Bloggers Make Money with Amber Bracegirdle

Our guest today is an amazing woman of many talents!

Amber Bracegirdle is co-founder at Mediavine, responsible for helping thousands of bloggers monetize their websites through quality ads by distinguished brands.

She is also co-host of the podcast, Theory of Content, perfect for content creators.

In addition to all of that, Amber is baker extraordinaire and managing editor of

AND… Amber is also a wife and mom of two young children!!

Topics Covered

  • How Amber came to be an entrepreneur and co-founder of MediaVine
  • Why Amber started her own food blog as she was traveling the world
  • How Amber came to be manage editor of Food Fanatic food blog
  • Amber’s company began with a mission to help bloggers earn money from their websites
  • How niching down leads to success
  • Traffic and ranking strategies that help grow sites
  • How carrots helping you see in the dark is a myth
  • What newbie bloggers should focus on to get started
  • The benefits to the food bloggers who write for Food Fanatic
  • How much Food Fanatic pays their food bloggers per recipe
  • How more “surface area” helps in getting more traffic in Google
  • How blogger influencers can make additional revenue from sponsors
  • How MediaVine advocates for bloggers to sponsors
  • Advice for bloggers on successful strategies for attracting sponsors.
  • Amber’s activities that keeps her creativity flowing
  • Adult coloring books as conference “bag swag”* (helps artists grow their sales)

*NOTE: IDEA for artists with coloring books for getting your work out there: Furnish branded packets of some of your coloring book art, free for conference swag bags, along with inexpensive packets of colored pencils. Make sure your sales page or Amazon link are on the packet so people who want more can order.

If you have a business website and you’re interested in how to make money from your blog, you’ll find this helpful and interesting.

NOTE: There’s a central vacuum system running in our neighborhood which is the whirring sound that shows up intermittently. While annoying, hopefully it won’t be so much that you won’t still enjoy this interview with Amber as much as we enjoyed doing it.


“We are the advocate of the blogger.” Amber Bracegirdle, MediaVine

“The riches are in the niches.” ~Pat Flynn


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