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Inking Artwork and Creating Coloring Pages with Eeva Nikunen

Have you considered the many ways your art could be repurposed?

There are many options for multi-purposing your art, including:

  • Digital prints
  • Your art on merchandise
  • Creating a coloring book
  • And many more options!

Eeva Nikunen, a fantasy artist from Finland. Eeva creates incredible acrylic and oil paintings, and she’s published a journal, as well as a coloring book from her art, with another one in process. She also creates coloring pages for her Patreon members who pay a recurring monthly fee for exclusive art.

For the past ~5 years Eeva has been building her brand daily while also expanding the ways she sells her art. In this class, Eeva shares her inking artwork techniques, marketing advice, social media tips, and selling artwork!

Conversation Topics:

  • Tools for inking art
  • Digital art tools
  • Marketing advice
  • Tips on where to sell art
  • What you can create with your art
  • Instagram tips for artists
  • Encouragement for artists on the journey!

“You have to be your first customer. Think: ‘Would I want that work hanging on my wall?’ Be your own #1 fan first.”

~Eeva Nikunen, fantasy, fairy, gothic artist & illustrator


Eeva Nikunen’s Website

Eeva’s Instagram account (go follow for incredable art!)

Eeva’s Timelapse Inking Artwork Video

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“You have to be your first customer. Think: ‘Would I want that work hanging on my wall?’ Be your own #1 fan first.” ~Eeva Nikunen, fantasy, fairy, gothic artist & illustrator Read more at: Copyright © iCreate Daily


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