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Integrative Therapy Coach – Jamie Lerner

Our guest today practices integrative therapy that she calls an integrative approach to wellbeing. Jamie Lerner she coaches her clients in moving beyond past constraints and into their own wisdom and empowering future.

Jamie says she has an insatiable appetite for pleasure, beauty, and joy and often refers to herself as a true “pleasure junkie.” One of her pleasures is being an amateur adult equestrian rider on the AA horse show circuit.

Jamie Lerner is co-authored of The Ever-Loving Essence of You, a book that acts as a gentle reminder about joyous living.

On Jamie’s website’s ‘ABOUT’, Jamie says,

“I was born with a knowing; a true sense of who I came forth to become.

In this conversation Jamie shares her observations about people, spirituality, and her innovative integrative therapy practices.

We were inspired by Jamie’s no-nonsense, yet deeply connected approach to working with her clients, including why she shifted from her psychotherapy practice into a more integrative coaching role.

Tune in and learn some integrative therapy tips that you can even do for yourself!



Jamie Leners Website

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