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Author & Intuitive Counseling with Jill Sylvester

Today we’re joined by mental health therapist, intuitive counselor, fiction, and non-fiction author, and product creator, Jill Sylvester! 

With a holistic bent, focused on life and wellness counseling, Jill has successfully guided hundreds of clients in private practice in the area of personal development. Her goal is to help people raise the bar for themselves in order to lead more authentic, healthy, and purpose-filled lives.

Jill also works helps clients deepen their understanding of the language of energy and intuition.  

Drawing on her own experience working with intuition for over 20 years; as a parent raising healthy minded children, on several cold cases with law enforcement, and with clients in session.

Jill has published two books:

  • Land of Blue – a YA fiction novel with personal development woven in
  • Trust Your Intuition – her brand new book about helping people develop intuition. This book is mostly geared toward anyone struggling with anxiety or depression.

As of this recording, Jill’s Trust Your Intuition comes out on May 31st! Which means it’s currently live as you’re tuning in!

Jill also has a line of products called Planting the SeedsPlanting the Seeds is a line of self-help cards based on therapeutic models of self-esteem building for children. Jill has blended her holistic perspective that defines her dedication to raising healthy-minded children.

As an author, and creator of Planting the Seeds products, Jill Sylvester brings her work to those outside her office setting who are seeking social and emotional well-being strategies and stronger mental health.

Conversation Points: 

  • Jill’s story of how she got into intuitive therapy
  • How intuition manifested in Jill’s life
  • Honing your intuition
  • Trusting and acting on intuition
  • About Jill’s practice and clients
  • Working with your shadow self
  • The Land of Blue, Jill’s fiction novel
  • Jill’s entrepreneurial journey
  • Working with her daughter on Planting the Seeds cards
  • Jill’s creative habits
  • Jill’s greatest struggle
  • Final comments and Jill’s next goals!

“Part of evolving is listening to intuition than acting on it.” 

~Jill Sylvester, intuitive counselor, author, creator


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