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Laugh at Fear – Coffee Break

Facing Our Fears

Our Coffee Break Sessions are varied conversations we have about uplifting quotes, people who inspire us, ideas we’ve been pondering, books, movies and anything else we think would be cool to share. These “inbetweenisodes” are like having coffee with friends.

In this episode we cover the topic of fear, a feeling every creator is intimately familiar with. We…

  • address one of Devani’s fears
  • cover the various ways fear will show up
  • discuss why you need a like-minded peer group
  • share actionable tips of how to combat fear

When you train your mind that fear can be a fuel to propel your vision, you take away its power to control your life.

Your mind is a tool and like any tool, if you don’t practice using it properly it can be used against you. This is why mindset is so important when it comes to human achievement. To do great things, you must think great things.

Today’s Quote:

“Time to face your fears and your excuses and laugh them off their pedestal. The world needs your art.” 

~ LeAura Alderson

Other Quotes:

“Do the thing you fear most and the death of fear is certain.”

~Mark Twain

“Be the person in your peer group inspiring others to do more.” 

~LeAura Alderson 

“We don’t need the people commiserating with us, we need the people who are going to push us to be uncomfortable.” 

~LeAura Alderson 

“It’s on the other side of our comfort zone where we have our greatest growth.” 

~Tony Robbins 

“All the energy you spend being afraid can be used an momentum to move you forward.”

~Devani Alderson 

“Is your fear really true? What would you be doing if that fear did not exsist?”

~LeAura Alderson

“If you’ve faced a fear before, you can face a fear again.”

~Devani Alderson

“To do great things, you must think great things.”

~Devani Alderson

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About the author, LeAura Alderson

Hello! I’m LeAura, a philosopher, autodidactic former homeschooling mom, self development advocate, entrepreneur, author, ideator, web publisher, and podcaster, passionate about helping others achieve their best possible life!

I love people, creating, and good conversations on creativity, growth, development and entrepreneurship. So engaging in creative conversations with interesting guests is one of my favorite things to do.

I've trained and certified in mediation, strategic intervention, marriage and family coaching as well as a fitness trainer, and participated in many courses and workshops over the years as well as ongoing learning of all kinds.

Today, the synergy of creating websites, articles and podcasts, brings together all my favorite things: learning, growth, creating, connecting and contributing. To share these with you is a privilege, that serves my lifelong aspiration to help others.

My personal areas of creativity are in writing, editing, masterminding, ideation and bringing ideas to life through business and entrepreneurship.