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Near Death Experience Unleashes Creativity with Nancy Rynes

Today’s guest was an atheist until her life-changing bicycling accident and near-death experience (NDE).

As a geologist, research scientist and corporate trainer, Nancy Rynes was not into spiritual things. She also wasn’t creating much of anything. For over two decades Nancy aligned herself with the skepticism prevalent in so much of the scientific community.

Until… until that fateful collision with destiny that changed her life forever.

Now Nancy is an author and keynote speaker, and teaches the development of heart-centered intuition, toward living a life of inspiration and creativity with a focus on love, compassion, kindness, gratitude, and joy.

On top of all that, Nancy is horsewoman, gardener, nature lover and an incredible artist specializing in oil paintings ranging from horses, dogs, landscapes, and native art as well as jewelry making.

We look forward to learning more about Nancy’s incredible story followed by her creative and spiritual life.

Topics Discussed:

  • Nancy’s education and background
  • Listening to signs in your life
  • An impactful life-changing event
  • Out of body experience
  • Heart stopped
  • Learning life lessons
  • Discovering life purpose
  • Incredible creativity
  • Writing her story
  • Creativity helps heal
  • Nancy’s promise
  • Nancy’s crossroads in life
  • From atheist to spiritual
  • Bridging science and spirituality
  • Painting, writing, and creating jewelry
  • Transitioning careers
  • Selling art in galleries, online, & shows
  • Nancy’s book Awakenings from the Light
  • Practical ways to bring spirituality into your life

“I no longer identify with fear.”

~Nancy Rynes, author, artist, speaker, geologist

All of us are a part of this field of divine love. It’s an energy field that’s all around us and permeates everything. and we are all intimately connected to each other through this field of divine love.

~Nancy Rynes, author, artist, speaker, geologist

We are all intimately connected to each other through this field of divine love. It’s like a pond with ripples and anything we do is a ripple in this field.

~Nancy Rynes, author, artist, speaker, geologist

It wasn’t a near death experience… it was a spiritual experience that unleashed a creativity in me, the likes of which I’d never seen for me.

~Nancy Rynes, author, artist, speaker, geologist

Science and creativity are both rooted in curiosity.

~Devani Alderson,


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