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Natural Health with Martin Pytela of Life-Enthusiast on iHealDaily Podcast

We need to begin with the usual disclaimers. iHealDaily, sponsored by the iCreateDaily Podcast, is a show for conversations on health and healing. This show on natural health cannot be construed as medical advice of any kind.

A Journey to Freedom and Illness

Today’s guest grew up behind the Iron Curtain in Czechoslovakia before immigrating to Canada at age 25. All was well until one life change caused his health to plummet.

That major life event was the catalyst that led Martin Pytela into eventually healing himself and instilled a passion for natural health and wellness.

And then to Health

Since then Martin founded the online natural health company, Life-Enthusiast in 2001, and is also a certified Metabolic Typing advisor, which is a method that helps determine which foods and supplements will be most appropriate for your body.

Martin and the team behind Life-Enthusiast make it their business to help people reverse chronic degenerative conditions, the source of aging and pain that plague so many of us.

We’re really looking forward to sharing more of Martin’s healing and creative entrepreneurial journey in hopes that it might interest and serve you.

Topics Covered

  • The substance that made Martin so ill
  • His journey of healing
  • Biological indicators in blood typing
  • Metabolic typing for
  • Challenges of selling on Amazon
  • Supplements for:
  • detox of metals
  • detox from glyphosate
  • Martin’s most productive social platform
  • The employee and staff structure (and struggles)
  • Recommendations for growing organic traffic
  • Great keywording tool that’s free

I realized that no one other than me was going to solve my health problems.

~Martin Pytela,

When it comes to your health, there’s always the study of one.

~Martin Pytela,

You cannot get to a happy place by doing the wrong things.

~Martin Pytela,

Money is like the oxygen of the economy, so whatever you spend money on is what grows. So if you want a decent service to be available, then you need to spend the money on decent service.

~Martin Pytela,


Zeolite for detoxification – Binds mercury, lead and cadmium

Humic Acid for detoxification – moderates the effects of glyphosate in the gut

Metabolic Typing

UberSuggest free keyword tool

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