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New Female Fantasy Authors – Audrey Jalving…

We love featuring new female fantasy authors, and this first in a trilogy has been many years in the making! Our guest today is one half of a mother-daughter team collaborating to bring to life the stories they’ve shared over the years in a really cool creative partnership.

We’re especially delighted to share this interview with a member of the iCreateDaily community!! Audrey joined the January, 2019 Creator’s Challenge to jumpstart her fiction writing and is now a published author!! WOOHOO!! Way to go staying on track with her goals!

Audrey Jalving works part-time cleaning businesses after hours. She enjoys reading, cats and her horse, Magic and the occasional computer game. Audrey likes to cook, bake and try new recipes. She lives with her daughter, co-author Marion Storms.

Marion Storms is a professional welder and aspiring professional actor and enjoys spending time with her many cats and an Arabian horse named Sunny. She also enjoys computer games and the outdoors and makes homemade mint tea from homegrown herbs.

Audrey and Marion’s first book is titled:

The Eleventh King: Volumes of Segra; The Crunin Trilogy, Book 1

Conversation Topics:

  • Audrey Jalving’s story
  • How Audrey got into writing
  • Paused dreams
  • How she returned to writing
  • Co-authoring a book with her daughter
  • Using the 90 Day Goals Journal for writing goals
  • Publishing company Audrey used
  • Audrey’s visions and aspirations

“Turning pro is a mindset.”

~Steven Pressfield, author


The Eleventh King: Volumes of Segra; The Crunin Trilogy, Book 1

90 Day Goals Journal & Planner

Create the life you want to live, one day at a time.

The Day is the Way.


And here’s Audrey’s book along with titles by other authors from within the iCreateDaily community!

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