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The Art of Organic Wines with Todd White

We’re excited about today’s show with the foremost expert on healthy organic wine. Todd White is the founder of Dry Farm Wines, the only health-focused, natural wine club in the world!

Todd also has some radical health habits and amazing practices, from a ketogenic lifestyle, of daily fasting and feasting with wine, to twice daily meditation and fitness… Todd’s health and fitness practices are as intriguing as his entrepreneurial creator’s story!

Todd White is an entrepreneur with phenomenal company culture, all of which we’re excited to discover more fully here today….

…Beginning with Todd’s creative journey and ending with his fitness focus.

But first and foremost, Todd is a visionary creator who says about his entrepreneurial endeavor: 

“It’s not a day of work; it’s a day of creating.”

~Todd White, founder, Dry Farm Wines

Topics Discussed in Episode: 

  • Todd White’s story
  • Creator vs Business Person
  • From multi-millionaire to broke at 52
  • Dealing with depression
  • How he discovered meditation
  • Manifesting purpose through meditation
  • Gratitude and conscious abundance
  • 18 Point Manifesto
  • Dry Farms Wine story
  • Organic wine vs regular market wines
  • The art of organic wine
  • Connection through wine and food

“Most creators aren’t creators because we want more money. They want more freedom. We’re creators because we want to be free.”

~Todd White, Dry Farms Wine


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Dry Farm Wines you can sample a bottle of their wine for a penny!

Todd Whites Manifesto

Dry Farm Wines Job Opportunity

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

"Most creators aren't creators because we want more money. They want more freedom. We're creators because we want to be free." ~Todd White, Dry Farms Wine #lifegoals #Dreams #Motivation #BucketLists #Ideas #Quotes #Money #IWant #Happy #ThingsToDo #Inspiration #Thoughts #Travel #Adventure #Fun #Friends #Awesome #People #Families #Heavens #RoadTrips #Wanderlust #Mottos #icreatedaily

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