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Podcast Ideas for Creatives ~ Coffee Break

There’s a wealth of content, story, and podcast ideas and monetization potential for creators of all kinds! When it comes to authors and poets, if the old ways of selling books isn’t working, there are other monetization options to explore and pursue.

If you tuned into our last Coffee Break episode, we talked about audio dramas. In this episode, we’re diving deeper into the topic of turning a story into audio to build your brand.

Topics Discussed: 

  • Audio children’s stories
  • Audio short stories
  • Podcast ideas
  • Authority and niche content websites
  • Generating online traffic
  • Content ideas for poets and rappers
  • Merchandising ideas

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About the author, Devani

Hey! I’m Devani, a multi-passionate creator who enjoys honing the craft of writing (mostly;)), photography, cooking, podcasting, learning about business, and growing brands. I co-host the iCreateDaily Podcast with LeAura Alderson (my mom), and co-own the iCreateDaily brand. I hope through the content and products we produce, you will be inspired to start, sustain, and succeed in your goals.

My non-business and artistic hobbies include: enjoying a good movie, discovering obscure but epic music, obsessing over The Beatles, and developing fictional stories in my head. My Maltese dog, Caspian, provides an insane amount of creative inspiration by just being his adorable self. #HeWokeUpLikeThat. 😉