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T Shirt Printing on Demand Pros and Cons ~ Audio Article

How Hard Should T Shirt Printing Be?

A breeze, right? You make a design, load it to a pre-templated shirt, set the colors you want, and BAM! A fun Sunday evening project that’ll earn you income in a snap! The promise is that the t-shirt printing and money making can happen while you sleep.

WRONG! (Maybe).

The Complexity of Print on Demand

After about a day or so of research, you’ll quickly discover a world of complications masked in overly simplistic and clunky platforms. We spent several months in testing sample orders on t-shirts and hoodies with multiple print-on-demand services with scattered success and some fails, but rarely consistently good results.

To be fair, as you get into it, custom apparel printing is a much more complex task than you might imagine. Apparel printing is a complex amalgamation of fabric, color, design, art, sizing, quality, pricing, and numerous other shopping carts, shipping and fulfillment scenarios, that it makes for a complicated system to cobble it all together into one elegant platform.

Check out all of our screenshots here!

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