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Writing Coach, Entrepreneur, Author – Lisa Tener

Our guest today is an award-winning book writing coach, publishing coach, author and international speaker on writing and publishing.

Lisa Tener assists writers in all aspects of the writing process and has coached clients to 5 and 6-figure book deals. Lisa’s clients have gone on to partner with over a dozen publishers, including HarperCollins, Simon and Schuster, Random House, Hay House, as well as self-published.

In addition to mentoring, coaching and teaching her own courses, such as her 5 step system for inspiration and success for writers, Lisa also teaches writing courses at Harvard Medical School.

And from the words of one of Lisa’s dozens of happy clients:

“Lisa Tener was the most important person I would hire on my journey to becoming an author.”

~Michelle Braun

Conversation Topics:

  • Lisa Tener’s story
  • Her first book
  • How Lisa became a writing coach
  • Learning from teachers
  • Lisa’s courses and services
  • Accountability and support
  • Meeting your muse
  • Discovering your book purpose
  • Guiding an author in the writing process
  • Developing your writing voice
  • What publishers look for in authors
  • Books that Lisa is writing
  • How to work with Lisa
  • Book concept consultations
  • One of Lisa’s clients
  • Live writing workshops
  • Paid speaking gigs
  • Becoming a freelance ghostwriter
  • Hiring and working with a ghostwriter
  • Lisa’s daily creative routine
  • Lisa’s future goals

“Finding your muse is a nice way to clarify things before jumping in to write your book.”

~ Lisa Tener, author, book coach

“Our muse responds to positivity but it also responds to negativity, and not in a good way. It’s important what message we’re giving ourselves. We gotta’ be kind.”

~Lisa Tener, author, book coach

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