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Writing for SEO Mastermind with Sandra Haven

Writing for SEO is Important

Writing for SEO is a great way to leverage your blogging efforts. SEO got a bad rap for a while since many blackhat marketers were using spammy tactics. Much has changed since the 2010-2014 era of SEO.

Google is constantly working to improve search results because their goal is to deliver the best search experience for users. This means delivering the most relevant and useful content for each search.

The good news for original content creators—and that’s likely you—is that Google wants people who are interested in your kind of offerings, to find you. Learning the basics of search engine optimization will help Google help your prospective customers and audience, and in turn help you grow.

SEO for Website Monetization

One major theme we’ve been talking about a lot is helping authors, and any type of creator, monetize their websites through ads and affiliate revenues. To do this, you must consistently publish quality content that is well keyworded so that people find you.

Keywords are the search terms people use to find your site and your work.

This is what we focused on sharing with Sandra and her website We used keywords relevant for her topic, but you will be able to apply this training to your industry and niche.

Topics Discussed:

  • Keywords for website menu
  • Identifying Sandra’s top keywords
  • What is a pillar article?
  • What is a cluster article?
  • Keyword stacking
  • Structuring articles for SEO
  • Driving Google traffic to Sandra’s book
  • Is updating the SEO on old article important?


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