Episode 46: Make Money Doing What You Love with Christine McAlister

Today we’re joined by a very dynamic and passionate coach, Christine McAlister, who helps business owners reach the next level of profit in their business. Christine is a wife, mom, and animal lover!  She started like many young entrepreneurs with smaller side hustles including pet sitting, lemonade and cookie selling, and cleaning the house.

Christine is just publishing her first book tomorrow (May 1st, 2018) called The Income Replacement Formula, which she’ll share more about in the interview!

Topics Covers:

  • Christine’s story of her entrepreneurial start
  • How the loss of her first child helped her launch her second business
  • Working through fear, anxiety, and building a business during her second pregnancy
  • Bridging the gap between quitting a 9-5 job to entrepreneurship
  • The importance of asking for help and allowing people to support you
  • How joining a group coaching program helped Christine gain clarity on her purpose
  • Turning loss, negative circumstance, and struggle into gratitude and positive momentum
  • Christine’s business Life with Passion and how she helps clients
  • The Income Replacement Formula book
  • How the book writing process helped Christine
  • Tips for artists, authors, and creators to build a business around their passion
  • Overcoming ingrained mindsets that block building your business
  • Christine’s daily habits and her 5-minute rule
  • Having support and accountability in your journey at every level
  • Diving deeper on creative ideas as opposed to skimming the surface
  • Building confidence through talking about your ideas
  • The top 1-3 things that produce the most for Christine
  • Learning how to do sales in an authentic and non-icky way
  • How to break down goals and figure out what one thing to work on
  • Christine’s current struggles and next stage of growth


“Gain momentum that gives you freedom and options.” ~Christine McAlister 

“You’ve got to show up daily.” ~Christine McAlister 

“Show up for at least 5 minutes a day for something that is income producing for your business.” ~Christine McAlister 

“Just start because that’s where we feel the most resistance.”
~Christine McAlister 

“I believe everyone has at least one strategy they can master.”
~Christine McAlister

“You can dwell or you can do something.” ~Devani Anjali Alderson 

“You’re going to get clarity from taking action.”
~Christine McAlister

“It is in the journey that the way becomes more clear.”
~LeAura Alderson 


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